Tokyo Stock Exchange suspended for one day

The Tokyo Stock Exchange suspended trading for one day due to system trouble on Thursday, October 1, 2020.
I’ve had some troubles and paused, but it’s the first time I’ve been suspended for a day since the transaction was digitized.

I’m not a day trader so it didn’t affect me.

Causes of system trouble

The cause of the system trouble seems to be that the shared storage device broke down before the start of trading, but switching to the backup system did not work well.
I’m sure that the countermeasures against system abnormalities are solid and tests are done in advance, but it seems that an unexpected failure has occurred.
Normally, if a hardware failure occurs, the failure should be detected and the module should be disconnected. However, it seems that the module was not disconnected because the hardware failure was not detected, probably because the failure occurred halfway this time. As a result, the backup system did not switch, and the failed device continued to operate, which seems to have led to system trouble.

Failure monitoring

Failure monitoring is difficult, isn’t it?
Take, for example, life-and-death monitoring of an application running on a Linux system.
The kernel is running even if the application that runs in the userland is supposed to be alive and deadly monitored, but the monitoring is the one that runs in the kernelland and the application is stopped. Therefore, life and death monitoring continues to operate normally, so you may not notice the failure, so be careful.


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