I decided to replace the bug rubber because the air in the bicycle tires would be released very quickly.
The valve of a Japanese bicycle is an English valve(Dunlop).

When I was searching for information on replacing insect rubber, I found out that there is a new alternative to insect rubber called a SUPER VALVE.
SUPER VALVE seem to last about 6 times longer than insect rubber.
Unlike the conventional insect rubber, the movable valve prevents the backflow of air.

Cheap items are sold cheaply at 100-yen shops, but I thought that reliable items would be good, so I bought a reliable BRIDGESTONE item for about 500 yen on Amazon.
It is a set of 2 sets.

It’s easy to replace, just replace the worm rubber valve you’re currently using, and you don’t need any special tools or difficult skills or knowledge.

For replacement, the front and rear wheels were replaced at the same time.

Insect rubber that had been attached in the past had deteriorated rubber.
The rubber was torn, so I think air was leaking from it.

I hope this will reduce the number of times you inflate.


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