Smooth Pudding Parfait

I rode a bicycle with a replaced valve yesterday, went shopping and went to a barber shop.
There was no air leak and I was able to ride comfortably.
However, it may have been a little too airy and the ride was too hard.

For shopping, I bought daily necessities at a drugstore.

Barbers also shave in cheap places. It was refreshing.

After returning home, I learned that there was K’s Denki, a consumer electronics retailer, relatively nearby, so I went on a bicycle search.
However, although there is a slope along the way and it is a bicycle with 3 speeds, I could not climb it because I had no physical strength, so I pushed the bicycle on the way and walked.

K’s Denki has a parking lot on the 1st floor and the store is on the 2nd floor.
It was a relatively large shop, spacious and had a wide selection of items.

I didn’t stop by because I had something to buy, so I went home after window shopping.
I was tired because of the slope, so I stopped by a convenience store (MINISTOP) on the way and had a “Smooth Pudding Parfait”. It was delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.


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