Shumai Bento

I had a business trip for work.
When I got home after work, I bought “Shumai Bento” from Kiyoken.
Shaomai Bento is called an ekiben and is a lunch box for travelers by train.
It is a famous bento in Japan.

As the name suggests, the contents of the “Shumai Bento” contain Shumai, soy sauce and mustard are added, and it is eaten with rice.
It is very tasty.
In addition, fried chicken, fish, and omelet are also included.

“Shumai Bento” is sold in the Kanto region of Japan.
Since it is raw, it does not last long, so you need to eat it that day.
It is sold on the premises of train stations, so please try it if you see it.


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