In Japan, there is an event called Setsubun.
Setsubun is held around February 3rd every year.

Sprinkle beans

In Setsubun, beans are sprinkled while saying “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi”, and beans are eaten as many as the age to prevent evil.
The meaning of “Oni wa soto” is that evil spirits (demons) should get out of the house. The meaning of “Fuku wa uchi” means that happiness comes into the house.

At home, the father wears a demon mask and acts as a demon, and the child sprinkles beans on the demon.
It is often held as an event even in kindergartens, making it a fun event for children.


Recently, in addition to sowing beans, the custom of eating thick-rolled sushi called Eho-maki has become popular.

On Setsubun day, it is recommended to turn to Eho-maki and eat thick-rolled sushi silently.
Eho is the direction in which Tokujin is located, and it is said that everything is good if you do things in that direction.
Eho (the direction in which Tokujin is located) changes every year.
Eho in 2021 seems to be south-southeast.


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