Rikkoshi no Rei

Today, “Rikkoshi no Rei” was held.

Rikkoshi no Rei

“Rikkoshi no Rei” is a series of state affairs in which the current emperor Tokuhito declares the crown prince of Prince Fumihito Akishino inside and outside the country, and is an imperial ritual.
Simply put, it’s a ceremony in which the current emperor announces the first candidate for the next emperor.

Normally, the boy who is the child of the current emperor will be the next emperor, but since the emperor has no boys, the emperor’s younger brother Fumihito Akishino was the first candidate.

Originally, Rikkoshi no Rei was scheduled to be held in April, but it was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Inheritance in genes

The Japanese imperial family has always been connected by male boys.
Human genes include the X and Y chromosomes, but the Y chromosome is found only in boys.
Therefore, the Y chromosome has been inherited since the establishment of Japan.
If a girl, not a boy, is the emperor, then the genes of the first emperor are not inherited.
It may be related to this Y chromosome that boys resemble their fathers.
People in the old days shouldn’t know about genes, but I think there was something that was supposed to be inherited by male boys.


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