As winter approached, the air became drier.
Every winter, I used a humidifier to humidify the air in the room.
I used a cheap ultrasonic humidifier, but I couldn’t adjust the humidity.
As a result, the windows were condensing and the sash was flooded.
This year, I bought a humidifier called a hybrid type, which combines a method of heating with ultrasonic waves and a heater.

Advantages of hybrid type

The hybrid type has four advantages.

  1. High power
    By combining the ultrasonic type and the heater, it has a humidifying power.
  2. Energy saving
    Power consumption is small compared to humidification.
    In addition, it is possible to turn off the heater and switch to the ultrasonic type only, further reducing the electricity bill.
  3. Safe and secure
    The mist does not get hot and can be used safely even in homes with small children and pets.
  4. Low noise
    It is very quiet because it utilizes the quietness of the ultrasonic type.

Automatic humidity adjustment

Since it has a sensor that detects humidity, you can adjust the humidity.
Therefore, humidification can be prevented.
The proper humidity in the room seems to be 50-60%, so I would like to set it to 55%.

Ultra-fine mist that prevents the floor from getting wet

The humidifier you purchased emits ultra-fine mist, so the floor and the surroundings of the humidifier are not easily wet.
The size of water particles seems to be about 10 micrometers.
Due to the small particles of water, it evaporates quickly. It’s the same principle as dry mist.
When you actually use it, you can see white mist coming out from the nozzle, but it evaporates from the middle and disappears.

Humidity with heater function

It has a heater function.
This function warms the water in the tank to near room temperature, so it seems that humidification efficiency can be further improved.
However, it costs a little more electricity than when the heater function is turned off. It’s definitely cheaper than the heating type explained next.

Electricity is cheap

Compared to the heating type humidifier, the hybrid type humidifier costs less electricity.
It’s a rough calculation, but the electricity bill for the hybrid type is about 1/18 that of the heating type.
It’s easy on your wallet.


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