HDMI cable

I work in telework and recently sent a 24-inch LCD display from my office to my home.
It is comfortable because you can work on a large screen.
However, since work efficiency is inevitably reduced with one screen, I decided to use a multi-display together with the original LCD display.
I didn’t have enough HDMI cable to connect, so I decided to buy it.

What is an HDMI cable?

HDMI is an abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a communication standard that simultaneously transmits video, audio, and control signals.
In the old analog era, it was troublesome to connect with red, white, and yellow composite cables, but now it is convenient to connect with a single cable.

Cable type

I learned that there are various types of HDMI cables.
There are various types from cheap to expensive.

Cable type
  • Standard (Ver.1.2)
    • Full HD video transfer is possible
  • High speed (Ver.1.3-1.4)
    • It is possible to enjoy 3D images and 4K / 30p
  • Premium High Speed (Ver.2.0-2.0a)
    • 4K / 60p and HDR video can be played
  • Ultra High Speed (Ver.2.1)
    • 8K video can be played

If the cable of high speed or higher supports HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel), it also supports Ethernet.
You can connect to a network without a LAN cable.
If you connect a cable, recorder, or TV that supports HEC, you can connect to the Internet on your TV as long as the recorder is connected to the Internet.

I learned that there are various standards for HDMI cables as well as LAN cables.

Connector type

There are also types of HDMI connectors (Type A, Type C, Type D).
It looks like USB.
As the types become A, C, and D, the size becomes smaller.
I connect my computer to the LCD display, so the standard type A looks good.

Buy HDMI cable

If I buy it anyway, I thought that the latest high-performance cable would be good, so I decided to buy a Premium High Speed HDMI cable.
I went to Yamada Denki, a consumer electronics retailer, by bicycle.
Since I am a shareholder of Yamada Denki, I have a shareholder coupon.
Therefore, I was able to buy an HDMI cable cheaply.


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