Grilled Ayu with salt

Ayu was sent from my parents’ father.
It seems that I went to catch Ayu the other day, so it’s a hem.
I ate salt-grilled Ayu for dinner.

As I introduced the other day, Ayu was very delicious with a unique flavor, unlike ordinary fish.
I had an egg because it was a female Ayu.

Mase River

This Ayu was caught in a clear stream called the Mase River in Gifu Prefecture.
The Mase River is a tributary of a large river called the Kiso River, which is famous in Japan.
It’s a very beautiful river, and the Ayu grown there, so the taste is even more different.
Even in the summer, the water is very cold and it takes courage to swim without wearing anything.

Iwaya Dam

There is a large dam called Iwaya Dam on the Mase River.
I used to go out to play when I was a kid.
Large stones are piled up and it is a magnificent view.


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