HDMI cable

I work in telework and recently sent a 24-inch LCD display from my office to my home.It is comfortable because you can ...

Studio Ghibli

I love the work of Studio Ghibli.As I wrote in my profile, the name Teto also comes from the name of the fox squirrel i...

Characteristics of Japanese stocks

I am investing.Mainly index investment trusts, but we also do a few individual stocks.In the old days, I also invested ...
Miscellaneous notes


In Japan, there are multiple typhoons during the summer season.Some of them will land in Japan.A typhoon with a strong ...
Miscellaneous notes

Smooth Pudding Parfait

I rode a bicycle with a replaced valve yesterday, went shopping and went to a barber shop.There was no air leak and I w...
Miscellaneous notes


I decided to replace the bug rubber because the air in the bicycle tires would be released very quickly.The valve of a ...
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