Curry House Coco Ichibanya

For dinner today, I ate curry from Curry House Coco Ichibanya.
It is a very famous curry rice specialty store in Japan.
It is abbreviated as Cocoichi.

You can choose the spiciness of the curry, the amount of rice, and the toppings.
There are various toppings such as cheese, pork cutlet, and natto.

Cocoichi started out as a curry rice specialty store when a couple who ran a coffee shop in Aichi Prefecture opened a curry rice specialty store after the curry rice that was served at the store was popular.
There is the first Cocoichi store near my parents’ house.

Recently, it seems that they are expanding overseas, and if you see Cocoichi, it’s delicious, so please try it.
Please be aware that if you add various toppings, the price will increase.


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