Cleaning computer

I cleaned my second computer.
The second computer is a small one called Lenovo ThinkCentre m75q-1.
It’s small and very compact, so it’s perfect for a second computer.

The fan is always running to cool the computer every day.
Therefore, due to the air flow, dust in the room tends to collect.
If you continue to start your computer with dust accumulated, it may cause thermal runaway and suddenly restart your computer or cause a malfunction.
We also recommend that you clean it regularly.

Cleaning is as simple as using an air duster to blow dust with the force of the air.
Even when viewed from the outside, it was visibly noticeable that there was a lot of dust on the holes.
After lightly removing the dust by hand, blow it off with an air duster.

Then loosen one screw and remove the lid.
It didn’t look very dirty, but when I air dusted the fan, it seemed to have a lot of dust and white smoke came out.
It seems that it was unexpectedly dirty.

Replace the lid and tighten the screws to complete the cleaning.


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