BIOS version upgrade

My main personal computer is a desktop type.
I ordered and purchased it on the Internet at a shop where BTO can be done in 2017.
I’ve used it without any problems, but when I checked the BIOS version, I found that it was updated quite a bit.

The motherboard is ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS.
There was a software called EZ Update, so I installed it and ran it.
However, the system I am using is said to be up to date.

EZ Update looks like a fool, so I manually updated the BIOS.
Download the BIOS ZIP file from the ASUS page.
Unzip the ZIP file.
Manually specify the unzipped file in EZ Update.
When I first booted my computer after the update, it seemed that I had to set up the BIOS, and I was prompted to enter the F1 key.
The BIOS screen appeared, but there were no items to change, so I just saved and restarted.

After repeating the reboot several times, I was relieved that Windows started up safely.
It was my first time to update the BIOS on this computer, so I was a little nervous.
In the worst case, updating the BIOS may prevent your computer from starting up.

What has changed with the latest update of the BIOS is that the logo that appears first when the computer starts up has changed to the ASUS logo instead of the BTO shop logo.


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