Ayu is delicious

In Japan, there is a fish called sweetfish(Ayu), which is said to be found only in clear streams.
Also known as Ayu, it has a unique scent.

Ayu is delicious

Ayu eats algae on stones.
Therefore, it has no odor, is very delicious, and is known as a high-class fish.
Teto doesn’t like fish very much, but Ayu are exceptional and have been eaten since childhood.
It is very delicious when grilled with salt and eaten.
Normally, Ayu do not appear on Japanese dining tables, but it was not uncommon for Ayu to appear on our dining table because my father used to pick Ayu as a hobby.

Ayu decoy fishing

Usually, Ayu is usually fished by decoy fishing.
Since the staple food of Ayu is algae, it is not possible to fish by attaching bait or lure to the needle like normal fishing, so it is necessary to fish by a special method called decoy fishing.
Perhaps the Ayu have a strong territorial consciousness, and when another Ayu comes, they will attack you to go over there, so using that habit, attach the Ayu and needle to the tip of the thread and catch the attacked Ayu.

Ayu hook

Teto’s father is not fishing, he dives into the river like a diver, is like a harpoon, has a needle at the tip of the harpoon, and catches Ayu.
I think it’s a great skill that Teto can’t imitate.


Ayu is a fish that I would like you to eat once if you visit Japan.
However, I think it is difficult to eat unless you go to a high-class restaurant.


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